Introducing the “Featured Artist” Series

We are beside ourselves with excitement to announce the imminent launch of our “Featured Artist” series!

The Idea

The “Featured Artist” series is an idea we’ve had in the works for awhile, where we handpick some of our favorite artists currently creating, and invite them to design a custom piece of art to be screen-printed by us. At the end of each  year, we’ll hold a gallery for viewing the annual series and to honor the individual artists.

The Artists

Each year, 6 artists of varying aesthetics & backgrounds will be curated by ICOEP. In their own style, choosing their own color scheme, we’ll print their art as a vibrant, gallery-quality poster.

The Poster

Each print is a 3-color poster on massive 140lb 19 x 25″ Smart White French paper in a limited edition of 35 units. 10 copies are given to the artist for sale & exhibitions, and the remaining copies are sold on our Etsy and saved for our own galleries. Each is also signed, numbered, and titled by the artist.


Coming soon…”Verbleib Unbekannt” by Drew Etienne!