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We offer a wide range of brands and quality levels for our apparel, and we're capable of sourcing nearly any style for custom projects. The brands listed below are a small selection, but they're also our most recommended.

Need help choosing a style or color? Check out our virtual apparel CATALOG for a large listing of the options available.

Ink Types

In screen printing, there are a few different options for ink, each with their own benefits. We've outlined the differences below to help you make an informed decision.


Plastisol is the most common ink used in apparel printing due to its durability and bright opacity on all fabric colors. The thickest "feeling" option.

Available for all garments.


Water-based inks are designed to absorb into the fabric, leaving a print that is slightly less vivid but softer to the touch. Looks best on light-colored fabrics.

Available for all 100% cotton garments and some blends.


Discharge is a process which bleaches the fabric and dyes it with a new color. Slightly "vintage" in look, and the softest feeling option, with a print that will never feel heavy on the fabric.

Only available on 100% cotton garments.

Ink Colors

Spot Colors

Each of the 3 types of ink have their own Spot Color choices which fill the rainbow, and there's no extra charge to use these on your project!

Custom / PMS Pantone

We are capable of mixing up any crazy color you desire, as well as matching PMS Pantone color codes for an extra surcharge.

Metallic & Glow in the Dark

An extra hit of creativity and visual stimulus, metallic and glow in the dark colors are available in a variety of colors for an extra surcharge.

Color Marbling

Looking for something really creative? How about custom color marbling, where you get to pick two colors for us to blend, swirl, gradient, and morph between. An extra surcharge applies.

Finishing Touches

Below are extra add-on options that help to make your apparel more professional, as well as closer to retail-ready applications.


This is a process where we remove the original tag and silkscreen a brand new label in its place. Useful for custom sizing layouts & a less irritating feel for the consumer.

Folding & Bagging

Folding and bagging of your apparel into custom sized clear polypropylene bags with resealable flaps & size stickers on the outside.


Washing of your apparel before it's shipped to you, guaranteeing a soft and clean product ready to be worn immediately.