Design Services

Need help preparing art for your project? Maybe some custom graphic design? Let us help!

We’re more than just printers here at In Case of Emergency Press – we’re artists. And part of our mission is to help businesses, artists, and organizations to maximize their aesthetic potential with striking designs that are tailored to the screen-print process.

From first concept to the final customer, we’re here to help transform your ideas into reality.

In addition to art preparation & editing, we’re also available to hire for completely custom commissions.

Print Preparation

Fee: $50 per hour

This upcharge is applied when projects require extra steps to be print-ready for translation to a screen print.

CMYK File Preparation

CMYK is the process of separating a full color photograph into a 4-layer print that allows infinite colors and a sharp image.


Files which are submitted in low-resolution or pixelated quality require vectorizing to convert it to a high enough quality image for print.

Color Separations

For images that are submitted flattened, separations are necessary to divide each color into its own layer.

Photograph Halftoning

For photographic prints with fine detail, a special halftoning process is needed to simulate shading and subtle variations.

Commissioned Works

Fee: Per Project Basis

Since each individual project is wholly customized, pricing for commissioned works are determined on a per-project basis.


Digital Art




Below are some of the projects we've designed, illustrated, laid out, sketched, etc, using a variety of mediums and techniques.