Flat Stock

Business cards, flyers, posters, and more.



Minimum quantity is 25

We use papers from this wonderful company : French Paper Company

We also print wedding invitations, stationery, envelopes, menus, and more. Check out the  PROJECTS section for some examples.


2" x 3½" - Business Card
5" x 7" - Postcard
8½" x 11" - Letter
11" x 17" - Tabloid
12½" x 19" - Flyer
19" x 25" - Poster

All sizes listed above are our "Standard" print sizes, and are named according to a generic usecase. Custom sizes available in any dimension from 1" - 25" for a trimming surcharge.


Paper weight is a slightly tricky concept to understand, but the general idea is that the higher the number, the thicker the stock.

80lb | 100lb | 140lb | Chipboard

Full Bleed

We offer Full Bleed printing for a surcharge on any of our standard print sizes. The sizes listed are based on paper size, and a Full Bleed print requires trimming the pages down, resulting in a smaller size than the one listed.

Example: An 18" x 24" Full Bleed print would require being printed on the 19" x 25" Poster size and trimmed down.


Colors and thickness are subject to availability, as some combinations may not be possible. Please inquire about any of the colors or weights we offer to check if they're available for your project.

Business Card - 2" x 3.5"

Postcard - 5" x 7"

Letter - 8.5" x 11"

Tabloid - 11" x 17"

Flyer - 12.5" x 19"

Poster - 19" x 25"