Exclusive deals on custom project bundles.

Our specials are a unique way to get exclusive deals on pre-determined packages for t-shirts, posters, packaging jobs, and more. We’ve put together these bundles as a way to offer easy-to-understand pricing on our favorite combinations, featuring a single cost with no hidden fees and (most of the time) shipping to anywhere in the USA.

To take advantage of these special deals, place your order by following the normal steps but be sure to mention in your email the name of the Special you’d like.

  • Package Deal Specials

  • 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Special

  • Turntable Slipmat Special

  • Crazy Cheap White Tee Special

  • Summertime Koozie Special

  • 12″ Chipboard Record Jacket Special

  • Two Color Flyer Special

  • Natural Cotton Tote Special

  • Black & White T-Shirt Special